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Arbitration News Update – CIETAC terminates its authorisation to Shanghai and South China Sub-commissions

CIETAC has just fired its latest salvo against its breakaway sub-commissions in Shanghai and South China (Shenzhen). The background to this dispute is explored in greater detail in a previous post.  On 1 May 2012, the Shanghai Sub-commission announced its … Continue reading

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Arbitration News Update – (1) CIETAC Announcement on Shanghai and South China breakaway Sub-commissions; and (2) Joint Response by CIETAC Shanghai and South China

Arbitration agreements in respect of arbitrations seated in China (whether a domestic arbitration or a so-called foreign-related arbitration i.e. an arbitration in China with foreign elements) are required to stipulate the arbitration institution that will administer the arbitration. Failing to … Continue reading

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