An overview: How do the key changes to the SIAC Rules compare with some of the other major arbitral institutions?


SIAC (2016 rules) ICC LCIA HKIAC
Consolidation of multi-contract disputes
Joinder of parties and non-parties

(Non-parties disallowed)

Early dismissal of claims/ defences

Delocalising the Seat of Arbitration

(Default seat is London if parties have not agreed; Parties can subsequently request another seat)

(Default seat is Hong Kong if parties have not agreed)

Remedy against non-paying party for unpaid deposits

Expedited procedure may be heard solely on documentary evidence

(Expedited procedure unavailable)

(Appears to be silent)

Emergency arbitration proceedings (appointment of arbitrator in 1 day)

(Appointment within 2 days)

(Appointment within 3 days)

(Appointment within 2 days)

Arbitrator’s appointment can be challenged; A reasoned decision to any challenge will be given and a fee is payable

(The former arbitrator’s fees are not fixed)

With thanks to Lakshanthi Fernando.

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