Maxwell Chambers expanding in June 2012

Maxwell Chambers, Singapore’s purpose-built and state-of-the-art arbitration venue, recently announced that it will be expanding in June 2012 to a second location in the city. This second location will be at Centennial Tower #16-01 and called Maxwell-Chambers@Centennial.

With potentially disruptive construction work due to commence soon at a site adjacent to its current arbitration facility at Maxwell Road, Maxwell Chambers has taken the initiative to expand to Centennial Tower in order to accommodate all its arbitration hearings for a period of one year starting from 11 June 2012. We’re told that users can expect the same high-quality service and features at Maxwell-Chambers@Centennial because the rooms will be configured and equipped in the same manner as the current facility which, by the way, will now be known as Maxwell Chambers Premier in order to distinguish it from the new facility at Centennial Tower.   

At the same time, Maxwell Chambers Premier will also undergo minor renovation works in order to further improve its facilities. Once those works and the more disruptive construction works at the adjacent site are completed, Maxwell Chambers will move its hearing room operations back to Maxwell Chambers Premier and keep Maxwell-Chambers@Centennial running as a second, concurrent hearing facility – perfect given the expected increase in the number of arbitrations in Singapore over the next few years.

About Jonathan Choo

Singapore international arbitration lawyer with a practical approach to dispute resolution, Partner at Olswang Asia.
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